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Issue 9: Future Directions and Research

Sea Surface Wave Information Using GPS Sea Reflected Signal - Wave Height

Shigeyuki Okuda, Yasuo Arai, and Nobuyoshi Kouguchi

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In case of positioning by GPS, the direct signal from the satellite to the receiver is ordinarily utilized, but the multipath signal is regarded as one error source that deteriorate the positioning accuracy. In this paper, we focus on characteristics of the reflected signal, and had a few simulation tests. The correlator output signals are checked out and compared to the change of wave height and the wave period.

In this paper we describe that in sufficient long wave compared with reflection area size we can measure an accurate wave height, and by pointing antenna beam center from two directions we can obtain the characteristics of wave which are height, direction and period.


  • Reprinted with permission from The Institute of Navigation ( and The Proceedings of the 18th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation, (pp. 810-815). Fairfax, VA: The Institute of Navigation.


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