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Issue 7: Current Developments - Video and Data

An Innovative Broadband Solution

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The Situation

A leading broadband communications company in Europe provides television, telephony, high-speed Internet access and programming services to 17 countries. The customer wished to distribute programming to cable headends dubbed with various dialects and languages throughout Europe, and to expand into new markets by launching high-speed broadband Internet and satellite television services in Central Europe. The customer required a reliable supplier that was familiar with hybrid satellite and cable operations, could quickly meet their objectives, and be responsible for the total end-to-end solution.

The Solution

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The customer selected L-3 Communications Satellite Networks to provide a turnkey solution and implement a multi-phase detailed cutover plan.

L-3 Satellite Networks teamed with "world class" vendors such as Phillips Electronics for digital video equipment; Space Systems Loral for space segment; Cisco for Internet routers, as well as in-country civil engineering contractors.

L-3 Satellite Networks' turnkey solution included the design of the ground network, coordination of space segment, installation and testing of Ku-band video uplink centers located in Amsterdam and Helmond, The Netherlands. The solution included the following:

Video Network Features Internet Network Features
Video Compression Firewall
Video Storage Billing
Video Switching High Speed Broadband Access
Subscriber Management Forward Error Correction
  IP Interface

Major European Uplink Facility

  • TVRO's to Receive Program Origination
  • Video Routing/Storage Equipment for Post Production
  • DVB Video Encoding/Encrption Equipment
  • Statistical Multiplexing of Video Streams
  • Roof Mounted RF Uplink Facilities for Video Distribution to Cable Headends
  • Roof Mounted RF for Two-Way Connectivity to Internet
  • Emergency Generator Standby Power
  • Network Operation Center (NOC)

Diversity Site to Uplink Facility

  • Video and Internet RF Equipment
  • Fiber Connectivity between Uplink Facilities

Flyaways - Reliable, Efficient and Cost-effective Deployable SATCOM Terminals

  • Quick Deployment for Internet Connectivity/Video Video Uplink Facilities for Cable Companies
  • Video Distribution to Cable Headends

Provision of Space Segment - Trans European/Atlantic,Transponder/Frequency Optimization

  • End-Of-Life (EOL) leases
  • First Right of Refusals (FRR)

The Benefits

L-3 Satellite Networks' engineering analysis, technologically sound approach, and comprehensive implementation and testing schedule incurred minimum risk and met all customer requirements. Our proven ability and experience in complex satellite network design, combined with a cost effective end-to-end solution, enabled the customer to successfully launch broadband video and Internet services to new residential and business subscribers throughout Europe.

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L-3 Satellite Networks has an unsurpassed reputation for providing high quality complex satellite communications solutions for commercial and government customers worldwide.

L-3 Satellite Networks: Provides turnkey Internet and video uplink solution for a leading European broadband company.


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