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Issue 7: Current Developments - Rural Telephony

Rural Telephony Solutions: Telerep-Fixed Satellite Telephony in Peru

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"After our evaluation of many potential suppliers, Gilat was selected because of its best financial proposal, its experience in Peru, its long history of success in the Latin American market and Gilat's demonstrated expertise in satellite telephony and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies. Gilat's technology exceeds the specifications established by FITEL and will allow TELEREP to serve over 1.5 million people in small communities nationwide." -Luis Adrianzen, Pres., Telerep

The Client

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To fulfill the country's National Program for Rural Telecommunications Telerep, one of Peru's leading providers of integrated telecommunications solutions, was chosen to offer a solution providing rural communities across Peru with toll-quality telephony and, at some communities, high-speed internet access.

Lima-based Telerep, whose customers include Peru's largest telecommunications carriers and financial services companies, supervised the integration of this network as part of the National Program for Rural Telecommunications Projects managed by Peru's Telecommunications Investment Fund (FITEL).

World leadership in satellite-based rural telephony solutions, proven telephony experience in Peru and the ability to provide toll-quality telephony service and highspeed Internet connectivity on a single, low-cost platform led Telerep to turn to Gilat to develop a satellite-based network.

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The Network

Telerep selected Gilat to develop a fixed rural satellite telephony network for use in public call offices in nearly 2,000 communities throughout Peru. The DialAw@y IP VSAT network includes high-speed Internet connectivity at more than 230 of those sites. When completed, the network will be the largest known deployment of fixed satellite telephony in Peru.

Each unit supports a PC/LAN connection and up to three telephone channels for bundled telephony and Internet access on a single platform. A low-cost solution for Public Call Office requirements - in addition to the fulfillment of Universal Service/Access Obligations - the DialAw@y IP will now enable millions of rural Peruvians to make affordable phone calls, send faxes and, in hundreds of communities, to surf the web at top speed. The DialAw@y IP also makes upgrades easy.

Remote units can become Internet-enabled without replacing any equipment. Gilat is leveraging its existing rural telephony infrastructure in Peru - which already serves more than 200,000 citizens at approximately 220 sites - to provide Telerep with a comprehensive VSAT network solution.

The Future

Gilat's technology is an essential part of Telerep's plan to continue expanding their network to provide more citizens quality, affordable phone, fax and Internet services. Gilat's IP optimized VSAT capabilities provide Telerep with room to grow enabling quick, simple upgrades to Internet service and expansion to new sites quickly and economically. When the project is completed, nearly half of all people living outside Lima will be in walking distance from a telephone.

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