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Issue 7: Current Developments - Retail Network

Satellite Based-Retail Networks Hollywood Video: Video Rental Chain

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"Hollywood Entertainment is committed to technology investment which improves services for our customers and support for our employees. Gilat's superior TCP/IP LAN support and high level of performance represented the best technology solution to meet our needs." -John Hnanicek, Senior V.P., Information Services and Logistics

The Client

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Hollywood Entertainment, one of the fastest growing retail companies in the country is a premiere provider of entertainment products worldwide. At each of the 1,818 stores, Hollywood Video loyally serves their customers by sharing the fun and excitement of the entertainment industry.

The Network

Gilat's industry leading satellite technology does more than just guarantee access to the fastest credit and debit card authorization network. The customized satellite network solution that Gilat's subsidiary in the U.S., Spacenet designed for Hollywood Video provides a costeffective, Internet Protocol (IP)-based platform for downloading software and pricing file updates, as well as promotional and corporate communications videos, from the home office to remote servers at each store location.

Among those needs was the establishment of a data warehouse that could track sales and rentals of individual movie titles and other products across Hollywood's chain. By using the Gilat satellite system in place at each Hollywood Video store, Hollywood's 300 district managers have instant access to this business-critical data no matter which store they are visiting.

The Future

Spacenet's "always-on," broadband satellite network solution provides Hollywood Entertainment with the enterprise-wide broadband connectivity it needs to handle a variety of data, video and audio applications today, and the flexibility to add new stores and new applications to the network later, for minimal added cost. All in all, it's a picture-perfect solution for long-term business success.

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