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Issue 7: Current Developments - Hotel Services

Six Continents Hotels and Resorts Raises Guest Services Standards: Via Satellite

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How does a leading international hotel group make its top-notch guest services that much better, faster, more efficient and more dependable?

By replacing its communications network - with a highly reliable, fast-deploying, IP-optimized VSAT satellite solution that's fully loaded for hospitality. To develop and deliver the network, Six Continents Hotels turned to Spacenet, Gilat's subsidiary.

With over 2,900 hotels and 480,000 guest rooms in more than 95 countries and territories, Six Continents Hotels & Resorts has an established brand-name property to suit every guest's service, amenity and lodging need. Each year, more than 150 million people stay at a hotel or resort bearing one of the Six Continents Hotels' lodging brands - Inter-Continental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express and Staybridge Suites.

Six Continents Hotels' has successfully deployed a Skystar Advantage VSAT network to replace the existing VSAT network in its 2,100 Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels in the United States. The network was deployed to support Holiday Inn's IP-based reservation system. Gilat's industry-leading VSAT platform provides the advanced IP capabilities, scalability and high level of network availability that Six Continents Hotels requires to support this always-on application, which provides guest reservation, credit card authorization and polling services to hotels - with the reliability and efficiency that only a satellite network can provide.

The new Holiday Inn VSAT network is designed to bring these significant results:

  • An always-on solution with 100% network availability for top-quality service
  • Enterprise-wide applications for streamlined efficiency
  • The IP-optimized capabilities of the Gilat VSAT hardware are also key to supporting Six Continents Hotels' future plans for network expansion, which include distributing video programming and Internet content to remote sites and kiosks for live viewing, as well as store-and-forward applications.

"We have researched a number of new options for network technology solutions and are convinced this decision will achieve the most capability and reliability for our hotels," says Lynn Goodendorf, Vice President, Global Networks and IP Security, Six Continents Hotels. "We are assured of deploying the most advanced system - one that is optimized for the Internet to handle all of our current and future IP applications requirements."


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