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Issue 7: Current Developments - Financial Services

Satellite Communications Networks for Financial Services: GIS Financial Services in Europe

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"We have researched a number of new options for network technology solutions and are convinced this decision will achieve the most capability and reliability. We are assured of deploying the most advanced system - one that is optimized for the Internet and one that provides single-platform support for both Token Ring/Ethernet and business television." -Werner Wolf, GIS's Chief Executive Officer

The Client

As an established leader in the business of financial services, with over 1,800 regional branches, and a total of 17,000 outlets in Germany, plus branches in Luxemberg, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland, GIS has been serving customers in the financial community since 1986.

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GIS (Genossenschaftlicher Information Service GIS GmbH) provides its cooperative institutions, mainly the cooperative bank group in Germany, with economic, financial, stock exchange information and intranet services. The banking sector, insurance companies and building and loan associations are some of the industries that benefit from GIS' services. For financial service organizations, data changes at dramatic speeds, the need for up-to-the-minute information is critical. Following a detailed market survey, Gilat's solution included, turnkey installation of all remote sites, comprehensive network operations and field maintenance. Gilat's high speed multicast services, integrated video cards, Token Ring, excellent TCP/IP accelerator features and Internet Page Accelerator are all GIS needs to successfully compete in their field.

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The Network

GIS needed a reliable platform to enable the efficient transmission of bandwidth intensive information, to a virtually unlimited number of physically dispersed sites simultaneously.

The company looked for a network to deploy Internet Protocol (IP)-based interactive data and video applications,including broadcasting of industry-specific data, video content and distance learning services to its remote sites.

Gilat's service offering was found to be the best available platform in the market. Gilat's Skystar Advantage VSAT solution can enable the company to operate all applications on one platform, benefit from satellite technology and provide for future expansion. With Gilat's multicast technology, one single broadcast message can reach almost any number of end-user locations at the same time, overcoming terrestrial methods of duplicating transmissions and therefore, maximizing bandwidth efficiency and server resources.

GIS had a complex set of application requirements that included both data and video, and needed a system that would be optimized for the Internet and that would provide singleplatform support for both Token Ring/Ethernet and business television.

Gilat's Skystar Advantage Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) network enabled GIS to deploy Internet Protocol (IP)-based interactive data and video applications, including transmission of detailed financial information on publicly traded companies and broadcasting of Business TV content simultaneously to all of its remote sites.

The future

GIS plans to expand the use of the Skystar Advantage platform to include more interactive TCP/IP application as well as video conferencing, Virtual private networks (VPN), Voice over IP, information kiosks, point of sale and other Multicast Multimedia Services (MSS). The inherent value of Gilat's satellite technology as a broadcast medium, makes it ideal to accommodate for all future network and bandwidth expansion.

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