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Issue 7: Current Developments - Embassy Networks

Satellite Diplomacy Is Here: Intelsat Connects Embassies Worldwide

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The Challenge

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Communication is the fuel of diplomacy. The better the communications, the more effective the diplomacy. To improve its communications, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) asked DATASAT Communications, a premier provider of communications solutions, to provide sophisticated voice and data communications among more than 100 British Embassy locations in every corner of the world, including its headquarters in London.

This required a complete assessment of its previous global network to determine new design and application requirements. The new network solution would need to incorporate applications, including email, Internet, video conferencing, LAN-to-LAN communications and headquarters mainframe access. Reliability, security, and global coverage were critical.

The Intelsat Solution

To meet this global communications challenge, DATASAT Communications partnered with Intelsat for its global coverage and reliability. Intelsat and Datasat reassessed the global voice and data requirements for the FCO. This joint evaluation involved the redesign and refinement of the FCO's existing network, which required traffic analyses and profiles to be developed for each site. Datasat and Intelsat optimized the customer's network by allowing switching at the Datasat hub site, eliminating the need for remote-to-remote voice connectivity.

The DATASAT Communications and Intelsat solution provides duplex 64K-512K IBS services between the United Kingdom and more than 100 British Embassy sites worldwide. The network uses five Intelsat satellites in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Ocean regions. This requires the use of five gateway antennas. Two hubs provide redundancy for greater availability. DATASAT Communications and Intelsat's design expertise optimized FCO's network, providing significant cost savings.

Solution at a Glance

  • DATASAT Communications and Intelsat teamed together to redesign and upgrade the global network of the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), linking 100 sites worldwide.
  • DATASAT Communications and Intelsat's design expertise optimized FCO's network, providing significant cost savings.
  • DATASAT Communications and Intelsat were chosen because of the high degree of reliability, technical professionalism, and global coverage they provided.
  • High quality voice and data communications are provided globally via preengineered IBS services on five satellites.
  • Intelsat's guaranteed reliability enables the British Government to offer responsive customer service to its offices worldwide - without adding maintenance costs.

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DATASAT Communications: Founded in 1988, DATASAT Communications is one of the premier providers of communications solutions and equipment. Based in the United Kingdom, DATASAT Communications is known for turnkey communications solutions that use satellite, microwave and spread spectrum radio.

IntelSat: Intelsat, Ltd. offers telephony, corporate network, Internet and video solutions around the globe via capacity on more than 20 geosynchronous satellites in prime orbital locations. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories rely on Intelsat satellites and staff for quality connections, global reach and reliability.


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