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Issue 7: Current Developments - Disaster Recovery

Intelsat's Same Day Response Connects Businesses and Families

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The Challenge

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Hurricane Michelle slammed through the Bahamas, with wind gusts reaching 103- mph. Major flooding swamped the southcentral and southeastern islands. The third worst hurricane in the islands' history.And when the storm damaged a communications hub on the island of Highbourne Cay, the islands lost telecommunications services.

This outage posed an immediate threat to relief efforts, public safety and the economy. With its hub tower out of service, BaTelCo had to act quickly. Every minute this major outage lasted would mean greater risks and inconvenience for residents, as well as higher financial losses for the economy and for BaTelCo . That's why Batelco needed a service provider that could restore its services quickly and reliably.

The Intelsat Solution

For BaTelCo, there was only one choice for support during this emergency: Intelsat. Based on a long-standing working relationship, BaTelCo knew it could rely on Intelsat for fast, reliable support. The result? Major voice, data and video services were restored to most of the islands the same day the service was interrupted. BaTelCo requested a duplex DS-3 shortterm lease for service from Nassau to the rest of the archipelago of the Bahamas. Instantly swinging into action, the Intelsat response team had this service up and running the same day. This link restored critical network services for voice, data, and video. In addition, Intelsat provided technical consultation, link budget assistance, and engineering support.

Thanks to Intelsat's responsiveness and proven solutions, BaTelCo was able to limit the impact of this tragedy on the citizens and economy of the Bahamas.

Solution at a Glance

Intelsat's fast response restored service to critical infrastructure support services and lessened the impact of Hurricane Michelle on the citizens and economy of Bahamas.

  • Intelsat designed and implementedwithin hours a solution for BaTelCo.
  • Intelsat was chosen for its quick responsiveness, its reliability, and high caliber technical and support staff.
  • The Intelsat satellite fleet has maintained an average of 99.995% reliability since 1985, so it can ensure high-quality and uninterrupted services.

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Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BaTelCo): The telecom provider for the region, BaTelCo supplies advanced telecommunications services throughout the Bahamas. These services support the extensive tourism industry on the islands and have helped make Nassau one of the world's leading financial centers.

IntelSat: Intelsat, Ltd. offers telephony, corporate network, Internet and video solutions around the globe via capacity on more than 20 geosynchronous satellites in prime orbital locations. Customers in more than 200 countries and territories rely on Intelsat satellites and staff for quality connections, global reach and reliability.


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