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Issue 4: Current Developments - Communications Research Centre
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The Communications Research Centre has been committed to applied and basic research in communications and related technologies since the late 1940s. Over the last 50 years many scientific and engineering milestones have been achieved, contributing to Canada's position as a world leader in wireless and satellite communications and broadcast technologies.

An agency of Industry Canada since 1993, CRC has maintained its tradition of excellence in managing technical issues concerning the radio spectrum, the deployment of wireless and satellite communications and broadcast services, and the development of new technologies and knowledge for exploitation by Canadian industry. CRC is the federal government's main research centre for communications technology R&D.

CRC's Mission

To be the federal government's centre of excellence for communications R&D, ensuring an independent source of advice for public policy purposes.

To help identify and close the innovation gaps in Canada's communications sector by:

  • engaging in industry partnerships;
  • building technical intelligence;
  • supporting small and medium-sized high technology enterprises.

Satellite Communications at CRC

CRC is the Canadian government's leading centre of expertise in satellite communications and commits approximately 25% of each research effort in this area. It performs leading-edge R&D to help determine the evolution of future satellite communications (satcom) networks and aids industry development through technology transfer. CRC carries out research and development on military satellite communications under tasking from National Defence. On behalf of the Canadian Space Agency, CRC manages the implementation of the major portion of the satellite communications component of the Canadian Space Plan. It serves as the contract and technical authority on multimillion-dollar industrial development contracts. CRC also collaborates with satellite service providers and users by developing and demonstrating applications such as telemedicine and tele-education.


Jack Rigley
Vice President, Satellite Communications and Radio Propagation
Tel: (163) 991-9309


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