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Issue 3: AmericaView Consortium


The AmericaView Consortium is a network of several state consortia whose goal is to expand remote sensing education, research and innovation.

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OhioView was the pilot model of AmericaView. Now the EROS Data Center of the United States Geological Survey is working with universities in the State of Ohio and elsewhere to provide near-real-time delivery of natural science data over high-speed networks.

This data allow scientists and managers to respond quickly to changing environmental conditions and enabling the development of a myriad of applications. End users can derive information from the data in the fields of agriculture, civil engineering, education, disaster management, urban planning, resource development, and environmental monitoring.

The USGS in conjunction with the AmericaView Consortium is leading the national expansion of this Program focusing on the growth of remote sensing. Educating consortium members, and subsequently the public, on remote sensing and its applications will continue to provide dividends in the future as uses for satellite information continue to expand. Individual consortia focus on promoting the use of satellite and geospatial data through research, curriculum development and outreach while USGS ensures affordable satellite data in user friendly formats (GIS ready) with increased and simplified access to remote sensing data.

Over the next several years, AmericaView will expand to all 50 states. Each state consortium will have different interests or means for expanding remote sensing education.

The members of AmericaView Consortium

Alaska: AlaskaView, University of Alaska FairBanks

Arkansas: Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies, University of Arkansas

Kansas: Kansas Applied Remote Sensing Program, University of Kansas

Georgia: Department of Geosciences, University of West Georgia

Mississippi: MississippiView, University of Mississippi

Nebraska: CALMIT, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Ohio: OhioView, Bowling Green State University

South Dakota: South Dakota View, South Dakota State University

Texas: Planet Texas, Stephen F. Austin State University

West Virginia: WVU, West Viginia University

Wyoming: Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center, University of Wyoming

For more information visit AmericaView website:


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Issue No. 3:
Remote Sensing of Earth
via Satellite

Winter 2003

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Introduction to Remote Sensing

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AmericaView Consortium

Remote Sensing Satellites:
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