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Issue 3: Research and Applications

Scientific Visualization Production for the Media

Gregory Shirah

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 100 KB)

Code 935's Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is a leader in the NASA community at producing scientific visualizations of Earth and space science results based on NASA research. The SVS specializes in using science data to produce visualizations for viewing by the public primarily through television. The SVS also produces visualization software systems; however, the focus of this section is on visualization productions.

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Issue No. 3:
Remote Sensing of Earth
via Satellite

Winter 2003

General Editor Introduction

From the Guest Editors

Introduction to Remote Sensing

A Tutorial:
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, p. 2

Science for Society:
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, p. 2, p. 3

AmericaView Consortium

Remote Sensing Satellites:
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Online Resources

Research and Applications

Critical Perspectives

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