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Issue 2: Critical Perspectives
speaker picture Jeffrey Grant, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Astrolink, a joint venture of several communications companies

Mr. Grant discussed how important ACTS' demonstrations of technology have been to the development of the Astrolink program:

"In these times of raising equity and going to the debt market for services such as Astrolink and Spaceway, the people who make business decisions are used to dealing with business risk. What they do not want is technical risk. They want you to look them in the eye and tell them the truth, based on demonstrated data. On numerous occasions, when confronted with confounding technical questions, I have been able to answer them by going to the web sites of NASA and ACTS, and extracting information. This generated confidence in people, who are concerned about technical risk, that the things we were proposing in this futuristic system of broadband, symmetrical satellite services had, indeed, been demonstrated before. And that was a tremendous advantage to our company."

"Thank you all for bringing ACTS to us; it's made a great deal of difference and I appreciate it."

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