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Issue 2: Critical Perspectives
speaker picture Dr. Tom Brackey, Executive Director, Technical Operations for External Affairs, and Chief Scientist for internal technical matters,Hughes Space and Communications Company

Dr. Brackey spoke on behalf of the U.S. satellite industry. He cited the importance of ACTS' radio frequency experiments and propagation measurements over the last five years. He said:

"Perhaps the crown jewel of the ACTS program is the exceptional body of knowledge developing from the measurements. The data in the handbook, the engineering guide, the guidelines, will be a significant enabler for all satellite communications - government, military, civil, commercial - for years to come, perhaps for decades. We should also understand that this is yet another excellent example of NASA leading the way by providing technical advantages that enhance the state of the art and the nation's leadership. This exceptional work and the commitment behind it is deserving of the highest praise."

"It gives me great pleasure on behalf of our industry to salute you and say, "Well done ACTS, and many, many thanks."

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