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Issue 2: Critical Perspectives
speaker picture Gerald Barna, Acting Deputy Director of the NASA Glenn Research Center

Mr. Barna said he took tremendous pride in the accomplishments of the NASA Glenn-managed ACTS program, and that it was a collaborative effort between government and industry and academia. He also noted that:

"As most of you know, ACTS did not have an easy path. It endured not only technical challenges that we all would expect with the very advanced technology program which ACTS was, but it also faced numerous budgetary and other hurdles. With tremendous perseverance, dedication, and skill the NASA industry team turned adversity into a dazzling success. The contributions that ACTS made to advance communications technology surround us today and promise to continue improving our daily lives in the future. We at Glenn Research Center will continue advancing technology for satellite communication systems, even as one of our brightest stars will cease to shine."

"There's a lot more excitement to come."

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