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Issue 2: Propagation Campaign and Results
The ACTS Propagation campaign was carefully designed to collect data in diverse climatic regions within the ACTS coverage area using identical equipments and software to eliminate variations in the data collected. The program collected data for over five years, thus providing a good indication of long-term variations beyond the seasonal changes.

The papers selected for this issue provide a good overview of the propagation campaign, its implementation, models developed, special effects observed, and guidance for system designers on how to utilize the data to optimize the performance of satellite systems operating at Ka Band.

Ka-Band Propagation Measurements: An Opportunity with the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)

Robert Bauer

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 172 KB)

ACTS Propagation Experiment: Experiment Design, Calibration, and Data Preparation and Archival

Robert K. Crane, Fellow, IEEE, Xuhe Wang, D. B. Westenhaver, and Wolfhard J. Vogel, Fellow, IEEE

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 352 KB)

A Prediction Model that Combines Rain Attenuation and Other Propagation Impairments Along Earth-Satellite Paths

Asoka Dissanayake, Jeremy Allnutt, Fatim Haidara

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Ka-Band Propagation Modeling for Fixed Satellite Applications

Asoka Dissanayake

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 556 KB)

Rain Attenuation Model Comparison and Validation

Charles E. Mayer, Bradley E. Jaeger

Abstract (N/A) | Full Paper (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Comparison of Multiple Rain Attenuation Models with Three Years of Ka Band Propagation Data Concurrently Taken at Eight Different Locations

Glenn S. Feldhake and Dr. Lynn Ailes-Sengers

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 224 KB)

Special Effects: Antenna Wetting, Short Distance, Diversity And Depolarization

Roberto J. Acosta

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 1.4 MB)

Ka-Band System and Propagation Effects on System Performance

Roberto J. Acosta and Sandra Johnson

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 884 KB)

Propagation Effects Handbook for Satellite Systems Design

Dr. Louis J. Ippolito

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 1 MB)


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Issue No. 2:
NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)

Fall 2002

General Editor Introduction

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Historical Development:
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On-Orbit Performance

Propagation Campaign and Results


Critical Perspectives

ACTS Shut Down: April 28, 2004

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