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Issue 2: Applications
The objective of ACTS was to prove that a Ka Band system with onboard switching could reliably provide digital integrated services for all types of applications and data rates, and operate seamlessly with terrestrial networks.

The ACTS Experiment Program was established to work with industry, academia and government to carry out the demonstrations and communications experiments needed to verify the ACTS objective. Many people were involved in this program and a large number of papers were published to document the results.

The papers selected for this issue highlight significant experiments showing that switched Ka Band systems provide reliable service with effective rain fade compensation, that TCP/IP protocol is suitable for geo satellites, that satellites are ideally suited for broadband service to mobile and remote environments as well as for terrestrial applications.

Summary Report on Key ACTS Experiments

Ronald J. Schertler

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 757 KB)

Survey of Advanced Applications Over ACTS

Robert Bauer, Paul McMasters

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 356 KB)

NASA ACTS Satellite: A Disaster Recovery Test

H. Kruse, D. Flournoy

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 483 KB) | Video (00:43 min., 1.7 MB) and Transcription

Baseband Processor Hardware for Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS)

Larry Brown, Richard Moat

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 612 KB)

Advanced Communications Technology Satellite Adaptive Rain Fade Compensation Protocol Performance

C. B. Cox, T. A. Coney

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 47 KB)

Satellite/Terrestrial Networks for Oil Exploration

David Beering

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 591 KB)

A History of the Improvement of Internet Protocols Over Satellites using ACTS

M. Allman, S. Ostermann, H. Kruse

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 134 KB)

ACTS 118x Final Report High-Speed TCP Interoperability Testing

W. Ivancic, M. Zernic, D. Hoder, D. Brooks, D. Beering, A. Welch

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 711 KB)

Gigabit Satellite Network for NASA's Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS): Features, Capabilities, and Operations

M. Bergamo, D. Hoder

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 2.2 MB)

Satellite Delivery of Wideband Services by ACTS

D. Hoder, M. Zernic

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 185 KB)

Mobile Experiments using ACTS

F. Gargione, B. Abbe, M.J. Agan, T.C. Jedrey, P. Sohn

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 2.1 MB)

Satellites and the Internet as a "Passport to Knowledge", a New Model of Teaching and Learning

Geoffrey Haines-Stiles

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 411 KB)

Remotes from 45,000 feet

J. Rivera

Abstract (N/A) | Full Paper (PDF, 671 KB)

A Ka-Band High Data Rate Shipboard Satellite Terminal

M. Rupar, D. Beering, D. Hoder

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 1 MB)

Advanced Shipboard Communications Demonstrations with ACTS

Roy A. Axford, Thomas C. Jedrey, Michael A. Rupar

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 189 KB)

Optimization of ATM and Legacy LAN for High Speed Satellite Communications

W. Schmidt, J. Tri, M. Mitchell, S. Levens, M. Wondrow, L. Huie, R. Martin, B. Gilbert, B. Khandheria

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 443 KB)

Telemedicine: An Application in Search of Users

B. Khandheria

Editorial | Full Paper (PDF, 207 KB) | Video (00:41 min., 1.7 MB) and Transcription

Telemammography Using T1-Rate Satellite Communications

R. Kerczewski, G. Chomos, D. Ngo, D. Tran, P. Mallasch, Q. Tran, B. Kachmar, S. Dwyer, K. Powell, W. Chilcote, D. Piraino

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 700 KB)

Distributed HDV Post-Production over Trans-Pacific ATM Satellites

E. Hsu, C. Wang, L. Bergman, N. Kadowaki, T. Takahashi, B. Edelson, N. Helm, J. Pearman, F. Gargione

Abstract | Full Paper (PDF, 572 KB)


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