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Issue 2: Propagation Campaign and Results

Comparison of Multiple Rain Attenuation Models with Three Years of Ka Band Propagation Data Concurrently Taken at Eight Different Locations

Glenn S. Feldhake and Dr. Lynn Ailes-Sengers

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In June 1996, Working Party 3M of the ITU-R presented research comparing the estimations of 10 rain attenuation models with the 186 station years of earth-space propagation data contained within the ITU-R database known as DBSG5. Now, twenty-one station years of new data taken exclusively in the Ka band (20.185 GHz and 27.505 GHz) across North America are measured against many of those same models. Results are presented both in terms of error statistics as well as in comparison to the ITU database results.

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Issue No. 2:
NASA's Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS)

Fall 2002

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Historical Development:
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On-Orbit Performance

Propagation Campaign and Results


Critical Perspectives

ACTS Shut Down: April 28, 2004

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