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Issue 13: Session 8
reach to space conference

The Future of Commercial Space:
Regulation and Policy Challenges Relating to
Licensing and Export Control
Workforce Issues

Co-Chairs: Andrea Maleter, Futron Corporation & Don Flournoy, Ohio University


Panel chair Andrea Maleter of Futron Corporation introduces the three presenters with the explanation that the first two will speak specifically to those regulatory and policy issues that relate to licensing and export control and that the third will talk about education and manpower training.

Franceska Schroeder of the law firm Fish & Richardson P.C. speaks to impediments to moving forward in commercialization of space arising from the fact that the U.S. government regulates satellite technologies as if they are munitions. While these regulations may make sense from a national security and foreign policy perspective, from the business perspective, securing licenses and exporting space technologies is a big challenge.

John Ordway (bio), also a lawyer with Berliner, Corcoram & Rowe, LLP, agrees with Franceska. The environment is not good for a change, as neither the current administration or the Democrats want to go soft on the issues of national security. Ordway speaks to how the process works for commercial licensing, as in the case of personal space flight.

Don Flournoy (bio), a professor from Ohio University, acknowledges the frustration felt in the commercial sectors in being so stalemated by government, but asks "In this time of greatest global cooperation and information sharing, how long can we survive as a nation fearful and continually looking inward?" The United States is in danger of losing its innovative and competitive edge not only in commercial space but also in education, which has always been an area of strength.

Part 1

Franceska O. Schroeder, Esq. Fish & Richardson P.C.

John Ordway, Esq. Berliner, Corcoram & Rowe, LLP

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Part 2

Don Flournoy, Ohio University and Q&A of the panel

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Issue No. 13:
Commercialization of Space

Winter 2008

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