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Issue 13: Session 7
reach to space conference

Case Studies in Commercial Space and Their Future Applications

Co-Chairs: Tara Giunta, Paul Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP; & Susan Irwin, Irwin Communications


Chair Tara Guinta of Paul Hastings, Janofsky & Walker introduced the three presenters from World Space, Wild Blue and Orbital Sciences Corporation, asking each to speak to the origins of their commercial businesses and talk about current operations and applications.

Tedros Lemma explains that Worldspace satellites provide digital audio services to Africa, Europe, Middle East, and most of Asia. He speaks of the company's products and services, collaborations and partnerships in different countries, relations with governments in terms of licensing, and company's growth in terms of business as well as infrastructure.

David Brown reports on Wild Blue, a broadband satellite service aimed at the U.S. consumer market. Wild Blue has two satellites operating entirely in Ka-band. His company is growing fast - adding around 20,000 new subscribers every month - and needs investments to feed this growth.

Carl Marchetto presents the business model for 25-year-old Orbital Sciences with some 3,200 employees. Marchetto focuses on the company's activities, growth, customer needs, and their importance to Orbital. The Q&A round includes discussions of other topics of contemporary business interest.

Panel Introduction

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Tedros Lemma, Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs, WorldSpace

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David Brown, Senior VP and General Counsel, Wild Blue

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Carl Marchetto, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Space Systems Group of Orbital Sciences Corporation

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Questions and Answers

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Issue No. 13:
Commercialization of Space

Winter 2008

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