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Issue 13: Session 4
reach to space conference

Space Commercialization in the Decade Ahead: Economic Risk or Opportunity?

Co-Chairs: Del Smith, Jones Day, & Leonard David,


Del Smith of Jones Day, posing a hypothetical question concerning international space law to the three panelists representing Boeing Corporation, Hughes Network Systems and the Bipartisan Security Group, asks them to consider some of the economic risks and opportunities in commercial space.

First presenter Steven Apfel says that communications and mobile applications have been evolving over 40 years, bandwidth has been increasing, military is now drawing on commercial services, but costs need to go down. There is need for reusable launch vehicles, satellite refueling and upgrading capability, and technological advancements but the business side needs to be improved as well.

Michael Cook suggests regenerative satellites will make better business sense. More intelligent data communication systems offering broadband Internet via satellite will make these systems more competitive.

Ambassador Thomas Grey, Jr. talks about the threats of militarization and weaponization of space. As military communications depend heavily on satellites, he points to the possibility of treaties and negotiations that would assure space assets are not put at risk. Without international agreements, those investing in space would be investing in an arena that could become a war zone.


Del Smith, Jones Day

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Steven L. Apfel, Boeing Corporation

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Michael Cook, Hughes Network Systems

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Ambassador Robert Grey, Jr., Bipartisan Security Group

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Questions and Answers

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Issue No. 13:
Commercialization of Space

Winter 2008

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