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Issue 13: Session 3
reach to space conference

Critical Success Factors in Commercial Space Applications: Satellite Communications and Communication Networks

Co-Chairs: Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI & David Cavossa, Arrowhead Global Solutions


SSPI's Robert Bell (bio) hosts a three speaker panel with discussion about whether or not space can be a good business.

Phil Spector (bio) talks about Intelsat's privatization, its 2005 merger with PanAmSat and its role as the leading player in the satellite industry.

Ed Horowitz (bio) of SES Americom explores some of the critical factors that led to the commercial satellite business being in a strong position today. He sees cooperation across the industry to be key.

John Mattingly (bio) of Mobile Satellite Ventures outlines his company's plans to combine terrestrial wireless services with mobile satellite into a fully integrated 4-G wireless infrastructure using frequencies in the L-band. The ensuing discussion focuses largely on doing business internationally, especially in taping the developing world markets.


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Phil Spector, Executive Vice President, Intelsat

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Edward Horowitz, President & CEO, SES Americom

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John Mattingly, President, Satellite Services, Mobile Satellite Ventures

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Questions and Answers

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Issue No. 13:
Commercialization of Space

Winter 2008

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