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Issue 12: JISC Research Report - Satellites in Education
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The JISC is a collaborative partnership between the British Education and Communications Agency of the United Kingdom, the British Library and the UK Higher Education Academy, with both domestic and international partners. The Joint Information Systems Committee has as its mission to provide world-class leadership in the innovative use of Information and Communications Technology to support education and research.

Satellite Applications in Education is one of the research and educational reports of the JISC. Thinking these materials would be of interest to our readers, the Online Journal of Space Communication has sought and received permission to link to the JISC site.

The Opening Chapter is particularly useful because it seeks to differentiate the different types of educational content and distribution systems that may be used to convey messages to target audiences. For example, should satellite educational systems be configured as unicast, broadcast or multicast, one-way or two-way, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The JISC's assumption is that "it is important to have a clear picture of this before deciding further on the technological solution for the communication."

More Information: network/sat.aspx


The Online Journal of Space Communication wishes to thank the JISC for its readiness to share its experiences and expertise via this important link.


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