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Issue 1: Model Curricula - University of Oklahoma
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Name of University
University of Oklahoma
Name of Academic Program
Aerospace Engineering
Level of Academic Program
Area of Emphasis
Intelligent Aerospace Systems
Names/Descriptions of Courses
In addition to the standard Aerospace Engineering courses, newly created or modified courses include Intro to Engineering and Computing, Intro to Aerospace Engineering, Intro to Computing Systems, Interactive Engineering Design Graphics, Digital Signals, Control of Stable Systems, Aerospace Computing Systems, Robotics Lab or Controls Lab, Systems Engineering, Space Science and Systems, Flight Dynamics, Managing Creativity (Elective). There is a two semester senior design course in either air or space system design.
Unique Features
A focus on computation as an integral part of aerospace systems design.
Contact Person(s)
Alfred Striz, Professor
Aerospace Mechanical Engineering
University of Oklahoma
212 Felgar Hall
865 Asp Avenue
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-1052


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