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The Online Journal of Space Communication is a scholarly publication seeking to bridge the world of the professional and the world of the academic to advance the purposes of satellite and space development.

The Journal invites submissions of original writing that document and examine a broad range of issues and events in space and satellite communication, including their historical, technological, economic, policy, cultural and social dimensions. Since the Journal follows a topical format, contributions must address the theme of the quarterly issue currently under development. In related instances, articles or perspectives can be added to journal issues already posted. In all cases, content questions should be addressed to the Guest Editor of the relevant issue or the General Editor.

As a peer-reviewed Journal, the Journal Editorial Board is also looking for knowledgeable scholars and professionals willing to serve as readers and evaluators of the feature articles, research reports and critical perspectives submitted. Contact the Guest Editor of the relevant issue or, for matters of broader concern, contact the General Editor (


Articles, research and commentary submitted must be written in English. In some instances, the same content may appear in more than one language. (Note: we feel a multi-language format is appropriate for a journal that aspires to be truly international and it is certainly possible to manage more than one language with an electronic publishing platform.)

Content submitted for critical review must not have been published nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Clear and engaging writing will be expected. Complex technical, economic, regulatory and social/cultural materials will be summarized and explained in terms that can be commonly understood. The writing of IEEE Spectrum and the Alcatel Telecommunications Review can well serve as the Journal standard.

Content submitted to the Journal should conform to the following:

APA style citations
MS-Word document
Arial font
12 point
Title of paper (Capitals, bold, centered), top of page
Authors' name (centered under title of paper)
Sub-headings (left aligned, bold)
Content: Left aligned

Based on a Letter page size use the following margins:

Top 1" Gutter 0"
Bottom 1" Header 0.5"
Left 1.25" Footer 0.5"
Right 1.25"  

All figures, tables and pictures should be integrated in the typescript. Endnotes rather than footnotes should be used. Copyright cleared, topic-relevant pictures are appreciated.

The Journal does not specify length. Some pieces will be 6,000 words (20 to 30 pages). Most will be much less. All submissions should arrive in good form, thoughts logicaly developed, tightly/clearly written and carefully edited for readability. Technical terms, acronyms and professional short-hand should be defined or explained. (If you have questions, e-mail the designated Guest Editor.)

Contributions should be submitted (to the designated editor) as an e mail attachment. Name of author, title, affiliation, with complete mailing address, including e-mail, telephone and fax number should appear only on the title page (to make sending out for blind peer-review easier).

An abstract of not more than 100 words must accompany each submission. A professional resume or vita must also be included as a document attachment. Names and addresses of three prospective reviewers with expertise in the topic being written on will be appreciated.

Authors are responsible for the factual accuracy of their contributions. Neither the Editorial Board of Online Journal of Space Communication nor Ohio University accept responsibility for the assertions and opinions of contributors. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use photographs and to quote lengthy excerpts from previously-published articles or books.Citation should be in APA format. For assistance, consult Purdue University's APA resource:

The editors reserve the right to make minor changes in any accepted manuscript that do not alter the substantial meaning or results of the article or the expressed views of the author.

Papers accepted for publication by the Online Journal of Space Communication become the copyright of the publisher. Authors retain the right to use their own material. In all subsequent publications, whether in whole or part, the Journal must be acknowledged as the original publisher of the article. All other requests for use or re-publication in whole or part should be addressed to the Online Journal of Space Communication.


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